Georgia Pilot / Escort Vehicle Requirements Guide

Pilot / Escort Vehicle Requirements
  • Automobile or pickup truck equipped with revolving or flashing amber warning light located on top of vehicle.

  • Valid Georgia Amber Light Permit.

  • Two-way communication.

  • Mounted "OVERSIZE LOAD" sign on front or back (depending on role) of vehicle. Letters shall be BLACK on an ORANGE or YELLOW backboard - shall be 8'' high and 4'' wide. Backboard shall be 1'  high by 6' wide.

Pilot / Escort Operator Requirements
  • Pilot / Escort Vehicle operators are required to obtain an approved certification.

  • Click here for more information on the Georgia Escort Vehicle Program.

  • The following state pilot car certifications are also accepted in Georgia:

    • Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

A Pilot Car is Required When:
  • Load width is 12' - 14' 8'' wide:

    • 2 pilot cars on 2 lane road.

      • Amber Light can replace rear car.

    • 1 pilot car (rear) on 4 lane road.

  • Load width is 14' 8'' - 16' wide:

    • 2 pilot cars on 2 lane road.

    • 1 pilot car (rear) on 4 lane road.

  • Load length  is 75' - 100' long:

    • 1 pilot car (rear) or amber light.

  • Load length is 100' - 125' long:

    • 1 pilot car (rear)

  • Load length exceeds 125' long:

    • 2 pilot cars (front and rear)

  • Load height exceeds 15' 6'' high:

    • 1 pilot car (high pole)

Additional Info:

Contact Information:
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Disclaimer: The state pilot car requirement guide was created by Pit Row Services LLC. This guide is accurate to the best of our knowledge and has been provided to our customers as a courtesy. The information in this guide is our interpretation of the law. We cannot be held responsible for any errors and recommend our customers refer more formal sources with any additional questions.