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Pit Row Pilot Cars
Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle Services

Pit Row Services provides most professional and best equipped pilot car / escort vehicles in the country. Offices currently in Lincoln, Alabama as well as Mobile, Alabama. We are fully insured and certified to handle any situation or configuration you have. Front/Rear, High Pole, Route Survey, or Steerman. Our operators are trained and certified to operate in all states nation wide.

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Pit Row Services is part of the Pit Row Group. The Pit Row Group consist of a family of entities that offer tons of support and services for the transportation industry. Check out what else we have to offer!

Pit Row Services provide Washington State Certification Classes in Lincoln, AL.
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Pit Row Services employs Washington state certified pilot car instructors to offer Washington state certifications to PEVOs (Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle Operators). These certifications are accepted in most states across the US. Find out how to become Washington State certified here.

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